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What Is BTFA?

Banana Task Force Ape is a 10,000 Task Force Apes collection. The Apes in the collection have over 150 peculiar characteristics.

One special feature of the BTFA is that the project gives its NFT holders opportunities to earn passively from Blip Studios and exclusively attend events.

Highlights of the BTFA

BTFA will distribute 20% of its total revenue to NFT holders.

BTFA will allow NFT holders to attend live concerts, events, and galas as VIPs and get paid for attending.

BTFA will provide liquidity support to its projects via distributed token metrics and automated interactions.

BTFA will donate to charities linked to its community, backstory, and project.

BTFA will link our real-world events with our interactions in the web using its native token, NFT smart contracts, and governance.

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Easy Replacements

If you receive a damaged product, or the shipment is lost, we always guarantee a replacement.

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