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Cult DAO

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Highlights of Cult DAO

Here's a roundup of the most important information you need to know about Cult DAO:

DAO developed a burning mechanism, and it will serve as an incentive. Once DAO raises CULT tokens worth 15.5 ETH, it will 2.5ETH.

The 13ETH left will be shared among investors or given to a cause.

DAO is for life because it runs on a smart contract. No one can stop it.

DAO has two tokens. CULT tokens for trading on exchanges and dCULT are a reward for staking your CULT tokens.

Users can stake their CULT and receive rewards passively based on how many stakes they have.

CULT trades for less than one cent per token on exchanges like Uniswap and

There are 4 Trillion cult tokens in circulation with a total MarketCap
of $50.8 million.

Secure Ordering

Payments are made through the Stripe or PayPal payment gateways protected by McAfee security.

Easy Replacements

If you receive a damaged product, or the shipment is lost, we always guarantee a replacement.

Top Customer Service

Our success depends on your satisfaction, so we always take care of you. Contact us anytime!